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Tradico provides working capital for global trades. Clients get instant feedback on payment terms for themselves or their clients fast, simple, and reliable. Register online without paperwork, drag & drop your trade on our platform, and process transactions with us.



Finance your trades in 30 seconds! Instant working capital financing up to € 20,000 – up to € 1.5 Million within 48 hours.

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Our clients benefit by instant payments to their global suppliers!

Working capital volume

Tradico is financing trades globally 24/7!

How we work

We finance the inventory of our clients and pay the invoices of their suppliers immediately. The buyer of the goods gains time to settle the invoice. We are involved in the transaction without any bank and enable benefits for buyer and supplier in a fast way.

Your benefits as a supplier

Your benefits

Tradico provides many benefits to both customers and suppliers.

Your benefits as a customer

You negotiate the conditions of the trade with your supplier as usual. Tradico acquires the product on behalf of you for a defined period and pays the invoice of the supplier immediately. You gain time to settle the invoice. Your benefit at glance:

  • Immediate inventory
  • Extended payment terms
  • Fast & easy handling
  • No contract fee

Your benefits as a supplier

Your customers can handle all purchases via tradico. Tradico buys the goods for the customer and you as a supplier receive the payment for the invoice immediately. You deliver the goods to your customer and he / she will receive an invoice with an extended payment goal afterwards. You have no risk of default and do not have to wait for the customer's payment. Your benefits at glance:

  • Immediate payment by tradico
  • Fast & easy handling
  • No default risk of your customers
  • Free of charge


Our platform is a non-bank financing instrument for goods and raw materials as well as for international trades and current assets.

Tradico enables the financing of our working capital fast and easy!

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